Switched Ethernet Service

Design and build your own private WAN

Establish reliable Layer 2 WAN connectivity and maintain full control of your Layer 3 network routing functions.

Switched Ethernet = enhanced security + complete network control

Built to the latest Ethernet standards, Switched Ethernet enables organizations to optimize their network with a high-bandwidth private WAN that supports their most demanding applications, enabling a hybrid cloud model.

Optimize network performance

Pay for the bandwidth you need and adjust as traffic levels increase

Protect critical data and your brand reputation

Leverage fast, reliable and highly secure connectivity

Only pay for the bandwidth you need and adjust as traffic levels increase.

Configuration flexibility

Support a variety of point-to-point and multipoint topologies.

Inherent security

Customize a private, wide-area network on an infrastructure that bypasses the public Internet.

High capacity

Implement a hybrid cloud-enabled, high-bandwidth network model that scales from 1.5 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Why Switched Ethernet from Windstream Enterprise?

Optimize your network and performance and enhance the customer experience with Switched Ethernet by seamlessly integrating with Cloud Connect. Rely on one managed services partner to deliver it all—backed by a dedicated team of technology experts.