Fixed Wireless Access

Increase flexibility and reliability with robust digital microwave technology

Fixed Wireless enables you to quickly service multiple locations without the need to establish physical connectivity.

Fixed wireless = reliable physical diversity for maximum disaster avoidance

Our expert team will design and install your Fixed Wireless access and ensure the connection delivers superior reliability, even in inclement weather.

Achieve complete diversity from terrestrial services

Ensure consistent, reliable performance for critical network services

Rapidly deploy cost-effective connectivity compared to fiber builds

Windstream Enterprise has been an excellent partner for many, many years. They always seem to understand what we want, and they help us achieve it.

Deliver resilient networking in environments

Fixed Wireless is optimal as a primary access service or a complement to existing fiber or cable access, improving overall uptime and availability.

Proactive monitoring

Windstream Enterprise network performance teams monitor every connection and treat each alarm with the highest priority.

Timely installation

Access is typically available within 30–45 days.

Range of connection speeds

Dedicated, symmetrical, 1.5 Mbps–10 Gbps.

Why Fixed Wireless from Windstream Enterprise?

Gain last-mile diversity and eliminate downtime by seamlessly integrating SD-WAN, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Switched Ethernet and OfficeSuite UC® solutions. Rely on one managed services partner to deliver it all—backed by a dedicated team of technology experts